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  VRift Bowling Game  
  Iron Man MK1 Exploration  
  Ambient Flight Flying demo  
  Oculus Rift Lorry Ride Demo  
  Solar System Explorer Exploration  
  GiganotosaurusVR Demo  
  The Gate Demo  
  Kokiri Forest Demo  
  A Cosmic Forest Game  
  Alone in the Rift Horror  
  Antichamber Adventure  
  Attack of the Space Boulders Space simulator  
  Aurora Borealis  
  Astralium Demo  
  Baskriftball Game  
  Battle of Zarnowitz Adventure  
  Beach OR Adventure  
  Black Mesa Game  
  Blue Marble Demo  
  Borderlands First person shooter  
  BouncerVR Action  
  Boxplorer Fractals Adventure  
  Bucks VR Experiments Simulator  
  Bunny Stories  
  Cartoon World Demo Demo  
  City Quest Adventure  
  Cobra Rollercoaster Roller Coaster  
  Colorful Melody  
  COZ - Alpha Playground Platform  
  Crazy Tube Demo  
  Cubemark Demo  
  DARK Action  
  Darkfield Space simulator  
  Dead Rising 2 Horror  
  Deep Down Dark Horror Game  
  Delta Draconis Demo  
  Dino Park  
  Dinosaur Demo  
  Guillotine simulator  
  Dolphinity Racer Racing  
  Duke Nukem Game  
  EpicDragon VR Fantasy Demo  
  Evolution Adventure  
  Fantasy Night Demo  
  Firma - Lunar Lander Simulator  
  First Law Space simulator  
  Flying Simulator Simulator  
  Frequency Domain Music  
  Genocide Dolphins First person shooter  
  GirlMirrorLook (Tuscany Demo) Demo  
  GoD Factory Wingmen Space simulator  
  GP Bikes Racing  
  Grand Theft Auto IV Game  
  Gravity Well Arcade shooter  
  Half Life 2 VR First person shooter  
  Half Life 2 (steam) First person shooter  
  Haunted Demo  
  Headlong VR Racing Game  
  Heli-Hell Simulator  
  Hoasca VR - Psychedelic Enhancer Adventure  
  Horror by Caine Horror  
  Hot Air Balloon Demo  
  Hydra Cover Shooter Shooter  
  HydraDeck Adventure  
  Ibex Desktop  
  Iceland Demo  
  iRacing Racing  
  Jamulus Rift  
  Jetpack Demo  
  Jump Star VR Racing  
  Jurassic Rift Demo  
  Kraken Demo  
  Linger Haunted House  
  Logistics Oculus Prototype  
  London Rift Experience Demo  
  Lunadroid 237 Awesome Demo  
  Lunar Flight Space simulator  
  Macross VF Simulator Flight simulation  
  Maere - When lights die Horror  
  Making Viewer VR Video  
  Malfunction Adventure Game  
  Mars Tank Demo Adventure  
  Miku 360  
  Minecraft Mod Adventure  
  Mountain Rescue Game  
  Museum of the Microstar Adventure  
  New World Demo  
  Ocean Rift Demo  
  Oculus Bots  
  Oculus Heli  
  Oculus Rig Demo  
  Oculus Tetris Puzzle  
  Oculus ToolBag  
  Oculus VR + Unity 3D Experiment Zero Art Gallery simulator  
  Oculus Video Player Video  
  OculusOverlay Video  
  ParrotCoaster WIP  
  Planet 1  
  Pod Racer Flight simulation  
  Portal Adventure  
  Portal II Adventure  
  Proton Pulse  
  Quake First person shooter  
  Quake 3, VR Quake  
  Retrovirus First person shooter  
  Rift Coaster Demo  
  Rift Racer  
  Rift Rover Adventure  
  Rift Valley  
  Rift Vehicles Flight simulation  
  RiftAmp Music  
  Rift Rapids Demo  
  RiftSketch Simulator  
  Rift Video Player Video Player  
  Robot Rip Demo  
  Rush to Find Puzzle  
  Salted Perception Augmented Reality  
  Scifi Corridor Demo  
  Shark Mountain Demo  
  Silent Hill: Alchemilla Demo  
  Sixsense, Tuscany Demo  
  Skycall Rook Island Demo  
  SkyDIEving Skydiving Demo  
  Sky Rifters  
  SledgeRift Sledding Demo  
  Slendytubbies Game  
  SnowDrift Skiing Simulation  
  Solo Climbing  
  Space Cadet Arcade shooter  
  Space Combat Early Demo Space simulator  
  Space Marine Boot Camp Game  
  Space War Space simulator  
  Spacewalk Adventure  
  Spatial Graffiti  
  Spirited Away Boiler Room Demo  
  Squish Game  
  Super Mega Mega Platform  
  Surgeon Simulator 2013  
  Team Fortress 2 First person shooter  
  Temple Coaster Roller Coaster simulator  
  The City Demo  
  The Island Demo  
  The Museum Virtual Museum  
  The Hunger Game Game  
  Time Rifters Shooter  
  Titans of Space Space simulator  
  Totally Accurate Toilet Simulator  
  Tuscany Mosquito Adventure  
  Twokinds Online Adventure  
  vBuggy Racing  
  VCTF Necrolopis Map  
  Vireio Perception Driver  
  Virtual Boy Emulator  
  VisiR Music Visualiser Music  
  VR Cinema 3D Video  
  VRInvestigation Game  
  VR Player Video  
  VR Town Demo  
  vrTANKS Demo  
  Waking Man Demo  
  War Thunder Flight simulation  
  Windlands Demo  
  Wood Coaster Roller Coaster  
  World of Reddit 3D Visualization of  
  Zero Point The first 3D 360 degree virtual reality movie  
  Zombie Factory Horror  
  Zombies on the Holodeck  
  Zugzwang Wierd artsy demo  
  Bungee Jumping VR Demo  
  Mining Mike Demo  
  Don't Look Back Horror  
  Roller Coaster Demo  
  Darknet Demo  

Virtual reality is widely considered to be the future of gaming. With the Oculus Rift, Palmer Luckey and his associates have created the world's first high quality virtual reality head mounted display that can sell at a reasonable price. Using many smartphone components, Palmer has been able to make a feature-packed headset that would have been unthinkable to find for under 20K just a year ago. After endorsements from John Carmack and gaming industry notables, interest skyrocketed, and now the company is shipping Development Kits to interested parties. The consumer version is not expected to ship until later in 2014 or into 2015; but it will be quite a bit more advanced and with better graphics than the current developer versions. The price is expected to be around three hundred dollars. Initially, the Rift will work with PCs and then mobile devices - Iphones, Android etc. According to the company, console support is not a priority at this time.... though rumors persist of a PS4 version in the works.

Games we'd like to see on the Rift ASAP: Everquest Next, Planetside 2, Far Cry, Crysis, Hitman, Mass Effect, Company of Heroes, Final Fantasy series, Metro, Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Portal, Deadpool, Fallout, Max Payne 3... heck we'd love to see ALL our favorite games on it.

About Us

We are looking forward to the release of the Rift and believe it to be the next revolution in gaming as well as offer incredible possibilities in many areas. We take pleasure in bringing you the latest software and news for this exciting device.

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